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Our Fresh & Newly Made Club Color's.

We have for long now struggled to decide on our flag and Club colors but after the months of debate we have finally decided to take the step towards our new Club colors setup.

We have been highly motivated by our new Club T-shirt design that contain these shown colors and trying to make something that will stand out from the crowd in a unique way wasn't all that easy to do.


Our major aim was for all our members to look sharp yet professional everywhere we go and stand out from other Clubs but at the same time not disobey the true Holden & HSV Colors that we proudly stand behind.

We also thrived to look unique and easily spotted when gathering around at our events and show the rest of the world just how serious & strong we are about our passion for Holden's & HSV's.

One thing is for sure and that is that we will wear them with pride!

We all know very well that the history of Holden will live on for a very long time to come and we feel proud that we will be the ones carrying it on and passing it on to our children and our children's children.


Our new T-shirt design together with our Car Club sticker & Banners will be out before October 2020 and will be available on our website for all our Club members around Australia to purchase.

The proposed Club shirt design for our colors is already on our website including the secondary proposed design for female members with the exception of our own Club sponsors added to the design so if you are interested to have a look head to our website and have a look.

Blog by HSV Nation Club Australia.

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